Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laserzone?

Laserzone is a high-tech sport where players wearing computerised vests or packs and handheld "phasers" attempt to achieve a winning score by tagging opponent players, base stations, and other targets within a playing arena.

How do you play Laserzone?

Shortly after you arrive at Megazone you will receive a full briefing explain how the game is played. After the briefing we will split the teams, put on our vests and make our way in the arena. The vests will activate allowing players to fire their phaser at opponent packs and arena elements such as base stations and targets. Each vest has sensors on the front, back, shoulders and phaser. Tagging these areas will award points while deactivating the tagged opponent for a short time. At the end of the mission, the packs shutdown automatically and players return to the kit-up room, hang up their vests and check the scoreboard to see if their team is victorious!

How long does it take to play a mission?

Each mission takes about 20 minutes including kit up and kit down time. For your first mission, there will also be a 5 minute briefing where Megazone crew will explain the operation of the packs and arena elements as well as outlining the safety rules. When you play more than one mission, you will have a 10 minute rest between your missions. When planning your visit to Megazone, please allow yourself a minimum of 15 minutes for a 1 mission visit or 30 minutes for a two mission visit. We recommend purchasing a 2 or 3 Hour Pass so you get plenty of games in your visit to get used to the vests and arena.

How many people can play Laserzone at one time?

Megazone Noarlunga can accommodate 25 players. The minimum number of players is two, but we suggest that more people is more fun. Come down during one of our special sessions or over the weekend and there will generally always be other groups to join in with.

Are there any age restrictions on playing Laserzone?

We recommend a minimum age of 5 years for players. There is no maximum age to play the game - Bring the entire family!

Do you need to be physically fit to play Laserzone?

Laser Tag can be played at your own pace. There is no reason to be rushing around the arena (we actively discourage this!), so as long as you are comfortable doing a low impact work out for 15 minutes, then you are probably fit enough to play. If you are pregnant, have epilepsy, a pace maker/heart condition or any other physical condition that may impact your ability to play Laserzone safely, please notify a Megazone crew member upon arrival.

Isn't Laserzone played in the dark?

Laserzone is played in a darkened environment, but it is not pitch black! The arena is well lit with black lights which causes the abundant use of fluorescent paints and materials in the arena to glow brightly. In addition, the arena is also lit by coloured spotlights and floodlights, as well as other lighting effects. After a couple of seconds, your eyes will have adjusted to the light level and you will generally be able to see quite well.

Are protective glasses required to play?

No, the lasers used in the game are very low power (a fraction of the power hand-held laser pointers use) and are computer controlled to only flash on for a very brief time. It is a natural reflex that the eye will blink when presented with any intense light (for example, a photographic flash) and this reflex adds to the protection of the eyes. The equipment used has been tested to meet appropriate standards of safety for lasers around the world.

What other protective clothing is required?

We recommend that players wear a shirt with sleeves (that is, not a singlet) and we insist on players having enclosed shoes. Open toed shoes, sandals, thongs, and bare feet are not permitted. No other padding or special clothing is needed as Laser Tag is a non-contact sport.

I have played Paintball - does Laserzone hurt when you are tagged by another player?

Absolutely not! Your pack lets you know you have been deactivated in three ways: sound, sight, and touch. Firstly, the pack will play a sound that indicates you have been tagged. Secondly, your pack will vibrate slightly. Thirdly, the pack lights will turn off indicating you are deactivated.

Can we play Laserzone as a team?

Yes, Megazone can be played as either an individual (solo) or team game. We are unusual as a team sport because we can have up to eight teams playing at once. This gives players some interesting new ways to think about tactics and teamwork while providing for more "targets" for each player.

Do you have a range of different mission formats?

Yes, we have many different solo and team mission scenarios. Come to Format Frenzy from 6pm-9pm on Wednesday & Thursday nights to try some out!