League & Competition

Laser Sporting is surprisingly athletic and a huge amount of fun. The difference between League and regular Laser Tag, is that you get to experience Laser Tag as part of an organised 5 person team. Your team will develop good communication and technical skills throughout the 10 week season to become a cohesive unit come finals time.

Megazone League caters for all skill levels.

Our league in Noarlunga features many friendly, experienced national and International players to administer the league and guide new players with any questions and teach them all the tricks of the trade.

League is played on a Tuesday night from 6pm to 9pm and Junior League is Wednesday nights from 6pm to 8pm at 12-18 David Witton Dr, Noarlunga. The season runs for 10 weeks during school term and breaks for school holidays. The recommended age to start playing is 12 years.

Megazone Noarlunga League

Contact [email protected] for more information.

What are the rules and game settings?

One of the things that makes Laser Tag different to other sports, is that each game has 3 teams; Red, Blue, Green. Each team has 5 players and a home base. Each player can destroy the enemy bases once each. So this means each team can destroy up to 10 bases per game.

You will pick up 3001 points for a base and 150 points for a tag on another player. A team's score is predominantly made up of points from tags and points from base destroys.

In a typical game, most teams will have a number of players (usually 2 or 3) protecting their home base and a couple of players (2 or 3) attacking the enemy bases. As players destroy enemy team bases they will need to return home to swap with a defending player who still needs the base. All this coordination and swapping of players will be handled by your Team Captain. Your Team Captain is your coordinator inside the game.

Another big difference between public games and League games is base evacuation. Around each base is a set of fluro lines on the floor that indicate the perimeter of a base evacuation area. You need to be active to be in this area. This creates an area around the base stations that defending and attacking players battle over in order to protect or destroy the base. If you are in an evacuation area and you get tagged, you must leave the area before reactivating.

When a team becomes more advanced they gain an advantage by having defending players float out and collect tags when no one is attacking them. A team's ability to simultaneously collect tags, destroy bases and reduce other team's scores by defending bases determines their success.

Player Settings

The game format used in League is different from standard games. It includes the following settings.

  • 8 second Deactivation
  • 2 shots per second.
  • 7 lives
  • 45 shots

How does competition work?

Tech week teams play 3 games. You will play from red, blue, and green once, each night. Teams accumulate competition points for their victories. A team receives 6 points for 1st, 4 points for 2nd and 2 points for 3rd. If a team is tied on competition points, their team average score determines their ladder placing, we then post all the nights rankings on our Megazone League page for you to show all your friends!

In week 10 the top 3 teams from each grade play off and battle it out to try and claim the top prize. After the Grand Final we announce the results, congratulate the winners and present the trophies during the next season.

League FAQ

How old do I need to be?

Players should be 12 years of age.

Do I need to bring a team or can I join by myself?

You are welcome to join by yourself, with a friend or 2, or as a full team of 5. Our experiences has shown that full teams of 5 who intend to play together develop quicker by splitting up in their first season or 2, so that they can be shown the ropes by a couple of experienced players, and then re-forming once they are a little more experienced.

How hard is it?

With Laser League there is a learning curve, but it is pretty short. Within 4 weeks you will be able to hold your own, know which positions to take, and be starting to get a handle on some of the communication skills.

The tournament administrators and senior players are available throughout the season and offer special training to show new players all the tricks and techniques of the game. If you are keen to improve your game, there will be plenty of opportunities.

Are there competitions beyond local League?

Yes, Australia has the healthiest Laser Sporting community in the world. Each year we host a Laser Tag tournament that averages over 30 teams from around Australia and New Zealand, The Zone Australasian Championships. In March 2017 Megazone Noarlunga hosted the Australasian Titles where Megazone bought a record 5 teams to the competition. Ever wanted to train a Laser Tag team to play amongst the best? Here is your chance!.