League FAQ

How old do I need to be?

Players should be at least 12 years of age before starting League and 8 for junior league, this can change if kids are taller though.

Do I need to bring a team or can I join by myself?

You are welcome to join by yourself, with a friend or 2, or as a full team of 5. Previous experience has shown that full teams of 5 who intend to play together develop quicker by splitting in their first season or 2, so that they can be shown the ropes by a couple of experienced players, and then re-forming once they are a little more experienced.

How hard is it?

With Laser League there is a learning curve, but it is pretty short. Within 4 weeks you will be able to hold your own, know which positions to take, and be starting to get a handle on some of the communication skills.

The tournament administrators and senior players are available thoroughout the season and offer special training to show new players all the tricks and techniques of the game. If you are keen to improve your game, there will be plenty of opportunities.

Are there competitions beyond local League?

Yes, Laser Tag has a regional association that administers tournaments between sites accdross Australia. The blue ribbon event is the 5 man teams, Side events include Doubles, Triples and Team Elimination. Side events are a perfect stepping stone to playing at the regional teams level.

Australia has the healthiest Laser Sporting community in the world. Each year we host a Laser Tag tournament that averages over 30 teams from around Australia and New Zealand, The Zone Australasian Championships. In March 2018 Albury will be hosting the Australasian Titles for the first time. Ever wanted to train a Laser Tag team to play amongst the best? Here is your chance!