Holiday Programs, After School Care & Community Groups

Unbeatable Deals

What a great place to bring your Holiday Program or After School Care group for a bit of fitness and fun. We have packages to fit your budget.


Private Lockdowns

Have the entire centre for just you and your group! That's unlimited Missions & Retro video games during your Lockdown.

2 Hours - $700 Unlimited Laserzone and Retrozone Arcade Games

2 Hours - $900 Unlimited Laserzone, Arcades & Shooting Gallery

Extra Hours - $200

Supporting your Community

Megazone loves to support local community groups having a go. If you require prizes for raffles, or quiz nights or anything we can do to support your local group, please contact

Special Needs, Youth Workers and Carers

If you are a registered carer, youth worker or part of a special needs organisation, Megazone provides an opportunity for your group to participate in a group activity where everyone is treated as an equal.

Megazone has been supporting SA carers and youth workers for many years.

As a registered carer, youth worker or special needs group you can get the following great offer any time during school hours.

$7 Games of Laser Tag!

Laserzone missions are approximately 15 minutes each, so in a 1 hr visit, you will usually play 3 missions, and in a 2 hour visit you will usually play 5 missions, depending on how much your group is enjoying the Retrozone Arcade!