School Fundraising

WE PUT THE “FUN” BACK IN SCHOOL FUNDRAISING ACTIVE KIDS ARE HAPPY KIDS! Megazone is the perfect place for fundraising for your school! Raise some money for new resources such as computers, readers and sports equipment! Book a social night, specific fundraising event, after school kids laser, end of term gathering or combined sport groups….any occasion will do! For every attendee, you receive a $10 donation back to the school.


For every attendee, the rebate donated to your school will be $10! It’s really simple… get as many kids to come along to your school event – and receive $10 for every child who attends! It’s. That. Simple. Price: $25 pp 2 x hours of Tagging, Hiding, Lasertag fun! Access to a private function room for duration $10 rebate- donation back to the school **Minimum of 10 attendees required**

The nature of the game means that height, size or gender has no impact on your ability to have a fair exchange in the game and enjoy the experience. It evens the playing field. And has a surprising impact on communication between people and team mates.

Each week when the class arrives, we take them and get them loaded and started in the games. Teachers enjoy bringing the kids because it's so easy, and the kids love it so much. We can give your class individual player cards so that they can track their progress throughout the term or semester.


Megazone encourages families to be healthy and active The funds raised goes directly to your school Megazone provides a safe friendly environment for all schools, plus their families and friends You can hold it as many times as you like throughout the year Profit is GUARANTEED so there is no risk Megazone has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for schools to enjoy a great experience surrounded by friends and family in a safe and controlled environment. We trust you see this as a wonderful opportunity for your school to have a great experience whilst generating funds. For further information please email one of our friendly staff at: [email protected]